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Our mission at Dunkirk Fitness is to tap your hidden potential and illuminate the path to a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle. We are more than just a gym. We are a community of support, education and encouragement, here to help you achieve your fitness goals. You will receive expert coaching and individualized attention which will help motivate you to work hard and move forward.

Cody Felt, Owner/Head Coach

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The workouts of the day consist of personalized group training sessions where Elite Coaches guide you and push you every step of the way. You are monitored and motivated throughout every class.

Covid Accountability

We take COVID very seriously. We partake in symptom screening, staggard start times, limit class sizes, require social distancing and everyone wears a mask when in the building. In addition all equipment is sanitized with 70% alcohol in between users.

Personal Training

Working one-on-one with a coach is a great choice when addressing things about your health and fitness that are unique and personal to you.

Sport Specific

We offer sport-specific training to both individuals and groups. In addition internships are also offered.


From losing weight to peak performance, what you eat is responsible for at least 60% of your results in your health and fitness training. We willl work with you on developing a unique nutrition program that actually works


Do you follow through? Are you good for a couple weeks only to find that you can’t keep it up? How’s your “self-talk”? These are some of the many questions we can help you answer en-route to a completely new you!

What We Do

We offer functional movements that make you stronger inside AND outside of the gym, while creating different workouts every day to keep things exciting. The high intensity nature of our cross functional workouts is that it produces the most ideal response for your body. Our creative and fun programming pulls the best of the best from all fields of athletics: endurance, speed training, kettlebells, gymnastics, and Olympic and Power weightlifting.

Abnominal Workout

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Active Kids

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Strong Lifts

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Push Ups

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Pull Ups

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Ring Dips

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Our coaches are friendly and professional, can breakdown workouts, are relentless about form and function,and do not get distracted. Our classes are always on time, and everyone in class gets coaching.

Cody Felt Owner/Coach

12 years experience

Minor in Coaching
Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist Assistant
Bachlors in Exercise Science

Cody has worked with sports teams and individual athletes. He has experience working as a strength and conditioning coach in several sports, such as volleyball, basketball, baseball, golf, wrestling, football, boxing, kickboxing & MMA. When it comes to cross functinoal fitness, Cody is an active competitor and also loves to coach those who compete as well. His first love however, is and always has been, helping those who are considered to be on the spectrum.

Cody believes that fitness and health are obtainable with hard work and dedication. He has devoted his life to helping those achieve their goals by careing for every individual that steps through his door.

Favorite quote: "Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor."

Denise HayesOwner/Coach

11 years experience

CF-L2 Trainer
CF-L1 Trainer
CF-Kids Trainer
Registered Nurse

Denise is a former long distance runner who turned to loving the strength she achieved from training in weightlifting and powerlifting.

Denise has been a part of the gym from the beginning. She loves to help out those in need and give ensures they alwayts get the attention they deserve. She espically enjoys caoching beginners and has a special place in her heart for geriatric clients. Denise is always there for her community.

Favorite quote: "Work works"

What people are saying

Getting older is hard - and even though I had been working out all my life and know what I’m doing at the gym, I really wasn’t seeing meaningful results from my regular gym. I was also gradually put on weight which I just couldn’t get off. I knew I needed a change - which is what brought me to Dunkirk Fitness. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Cody and his team of trainers are awesome! I’ve lost 40 pounds, I look better than I’ve ever looked and I have fun every time I go. Dunkirk Fitness has changed my life, literally, and I can’t imagine ever going back to a “regular gym.

Jason Schmidt

What people are saying

‘Let’s see what I can do.’

That was my thought when I joined this gym. I had no idea what that was really going to mean to me. The coaches, Denise and Cody, have helped me to reach far above and beyond any level I thought would be reachable. My physical capability has far surpassed anything I could imagine at 40 years old. I am stronger mentally and physically. Between the coaches and fellow gym members - your corner is stacked! They are there with you, cheering you on with every personal victory. This applies to everyone, no matter where they are on their fitness journey. You will not find another gym like this one, and you’ll be happy you won’t have to look any further!

Charlotte Price

What people are saying

Dunkirk Fitness is unlike any other gym I have been to. I always feel like I am learning more every time I go. I used to go to a regular gym but I wasn’t seeing any progress. I am seeing it now month over month and it is very exciting! This is the longest I have ever been able to stick with something fitness related. It’s a good feeling walking into the gym feeling welcome. To boot - this gym has great plans and guidance from great coaches.

Jennifer Kolassa

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